Fighting a DUI Charge

Dealing with a drunk driving charge is not easy. If you are arrested for driving while intoxicated, you are probably wondering whether or not you should plead guilty. In some cases, admitting guilt will cut down on time and get the case closed sooner. However, being convicted for a DUI can have severe consequences on your financial and social aspects of life. Apart from paying hefty fines, you may also have to go to rehabilitation, do community service, drug testing, have your drivers’ license suspended and so on. You may also be on probation which may lead to having your professional license suspended. If you are arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, the first thing you have to do is to hire a reliable ad experienced lawyer. Bruckheim & Patel are a leading DC drunk driving defense firm, and they are ready to assist you. If you have an expert by your side, your charges may be reduced or entirely dismissed.

Pleading Guilty

Many drunk driving defendants can get their charges reduced, but they are still found guilty, meaning they will have to deal with severe consequences that come with a DUI conviction. However, your attorney can help you take a plea deal, and eliminate jail time and other strict penalties for your crime.


DUI cases are rarely dismissed, but under specific circumstances, dismissal is also possible. If there is no sufficient evidence that supports your innocence, you will receive a guilty conviction. A blood alcohol level of 0.08 is sometimes arguable in terms of time and similar. However, a high BAC of 0.15 or more well over the national legal limit, and automatically makes impossible to refute your drunk driving charge. On top of that, if you fail to complete a field sobriety test, and there are witnesses that witnessed your drunken behavior, it is unlikely you will manage to get out of this trouble without any consequences. However, this doesn’t mean your charge cannot be defended in any other way. An experienced lawyer will always find a way make a deal and at least reduce your charges and possible penalties.

Not Guilty Scenarios

As we mentioned above, under specific circumstances, a not guilty verdict or case dismissal is possible. For example, if you weren’t actually operating the vehicle at the moment you were stopped by a police officer; your lawyer can try to convince the judges that you weren’t breaking the law at the moment because you weren’t driving. If you were caught sleeping in the back seat while the engine was off, or if you pulled over to get out and walk home because you feel too drunk to drive, there is a chance your case will be dismissed.


Blood alcohol tests are often reliable, but in case of urine blood tests, they are not. An alcohol urine test can be easily disproved in the trial, especially if your BAC level wasn’t high. These rare scenarios are still rather tricky to deal with and defend. No matter what occurred in your case, your best shot is to hire an aggressive criminal defense lawyer that has the knowledge and the resources to fight for your rights and keep you away from experiencing severe DUI consequences.